About Self Directed Investor Society

SelfDirected.orgSelfDirected.org is the online home of the Self Directed Investor Society, a private association for affluent investors who focus their investments into assets called “alternative” by Wall Street, but that are part of every day life on Main Street.  This includes assets like real estate (particularly single-family rental properties), precious metals, private loans and much more.

We believe firmly that nobody makes better decisions concerning the building of your wealth than you, assuming you have clear goals, strong knowledge, and a great team backing you.  That’s the role of Self Directed Investor Society:  To help our members clarify their goals, acquire highly specialized knowledge and to provide the right team to accomplish their objectives.

At the core, Self Directed Investor Society members believes that taxes are a necessary evil, and we strive to pay the smallest amount of tax on our investment profits that the law allows.  As such, we focus heavily on tax-efficient tools like the Self Directed IRA, the Solo 401(k) and the 1031 tax-deferred exchange.  We frequently couple these tax-eliminating tools with truly passive income-building assets such as turnkey rental property so we can increase our investor’s profits while simultaneously decreasing – or even eliminating – their tax liabilities!

Self Directed Investor Society is open by invitation only, and is not publicly accessible.  However, we are thrilled to provide public access to both SDI News (our news service for self-directed investors) and SDI Talk (our radio show and podcast for self-directed investors), where “SDI Educates The World” about alternative asset investing.

SDI Society is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bryan EllisBryan Ellis

Bryan Ellis is the host of Self Directed Investor Talk, a very popular podcast and radio show.  Bryan has a vast background in real estate investing and currently serves as manager of a real estate-focused private equity fund operating in Northern California.  Bryan served as publisher of the Bryan Ellis Investing Letter and is a contributor to Forbes, TheStreet.com and Entrepreneur.com.  His writing has been featured in print publications ranging from Personal Real Estate Investor and Think Realty to major online media outlets like FoxNews.com.  Bryan studied Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  You can email Bryan here.

Carole EllisCarole Ellis
News Editor

Carole Ellis serves as Editor-in-Chief of Self Directed Investor News, the top news publication in America for self-directed investors.  She is also co-host of Self Directed Investor Talk.  Carole has served as the editor of the Bryan Ellis Investing Letter, a newsletter for real estate investors with over 700,000 subscribers worldwide and she’s a regular contributor financial and real estate industry publications such as Think Realty and Real Estate Income Monthly.  Carole is a contributor to the Huffington Post and has served as an editor of the Research magazine at the University of Georgia.  Carole studied Botany and English Literature at the University of Georgia.  You’re invited to email Carole.

Tim Berry
Tim Berry, J.D.
Legal Counsel

Tim Berry is a lawyer focused on self-directed retirement accounts and high-net-worth asset protection strategies.  Tim is licensed to practice law in Washington and serves clients nationwide for issues of federal jurisdiction, including self-directed IRA’s and 401k’s.  Tim is credited as an extraordinarily original thinker and one of the original creators of the now widely-used retirement tool known as the “Checkbook IRA”.  Tim is a frequent guest on Self Directed Investor Radio and is a prolific communicator, both in writing and via video.  Tim is accurately regarded as the top self-directed retirement account lawyer in America.  You can email Tim here.