Bryan Ellis

My name is Bryan Ellis.  I am host of Self Directed Investor Talk, which I'm told is America's #1 podcast and for affluent self-directed investors. I'm also something of an expert in self-directed IRA's, solo 401k's and 1031 exchanges. Along with the vast amount of my work on this site, you can find more of my writing in some cool places like,, ThinkRealty and even Forbes (that was always one of my goals!).  I have the distinction of being a non-lawyer whose knowledge of the law surrounding self-directed IRA's is so strong that I teach legal education courses to licensed attorneys through UCLA/CEB.  I live in metro Atlanta, Georgia with my wife and business partner Carole Ellis (she's a real business partner… not just because she's my wife… I'd want to work with her if I wasn't married to her… and I'd want to marry her, too). I also have 4 children ranging in age from 2 to 20 (yes, you read that correctly).  It's my objective to be the name everybody thinks of when they think of Self-Directed IRA's and Solo 401(k)'s.

Some of Bryan's recent third-party professional credits include: