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Self-Directed IRA Rules

Tim Berry

Tim Berry, J.D.

Self Directed IRA Rules – including statutes, regulations, court rules, advisory opinions and more – change frequently, and nobody is better equipped to keep you up to date than Tim Berry,'s legal counsel and the top self-directed IRA lawyer in America.  This section is designed to provide the resources you need to be well informed about the legal underpinnings of the self directed IRA so you can speak from a position of expertise with your advisers.

Self-Directed IRA RulesTop 10 Self-Directed IRA Rules


These aren't the only rules that matter.  But if you get these right, just about everything else takes care of itself...


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Bryan Ellis

Bryan Ellis is host of Self Directed Investor Talk, America's #1 podcast and for affluent self-directed investors. He's also an expert in self-directed IRA's, solo 401k's and 1031 exchanges. You can find Bryan's writing in very highly respected publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur and TheStreet. Bryan lives in metro Atlanta, Georgia with Carole Ellis - his wife, business partner and best friend - and his 4 children ranging in age from 2 to 19.