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Self Directed IRA Custodians: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

by | Feb 27, 2017

Self directed IRA custodians - Are they vital to your success with self-directed IRA's, or are they just the eyes and ears of the IRS in your retirement account?  Yes and Yes.  Here are the good ones... and the awful ones:


Accuplan Benefit Services

Advanta IRA

American Estate & Trust

American IRA

Bank of Utah


Central Bank of Utah

Community National Bank

Entrust Group

Equity Trust Company

First Midwest Bank

GoldStar Trust Company

Horizon Trust Company

IRA Express, Inc.

IRA Financial Group

IRA Financial Trust Company

Financial Trust Company

IRA Innovations

IRA Resources

IRA Services Trust

Kingdom Trust Company

Liberty Trust Company

Madison Trust Company

Mainstar Trust Company

MidAtlantic IRA

Midland IRA

Millennium Trust Company

Mountain West IRA

Nevada Trust Company

New Direction IRA

Next Generation Trust Services

NuView IRA

PENSCO Trust Company

Polycomp Administrative Services

Preferred Trust Company

Premier Trust

Provident Trust Group

Quest IRA

Real Trust IRA Alternatives

Security Trust Company

Self Directed IRA Services

Sovereign International Pension

Specialized IRA Services

Summit Trust

Sunwest Trust

uDirect IRA

Vantage IRA

Self Directed Investor Talk

Self Directed IRA FAQ