Solo 401(k): The Definitive Guide To The Most Powerful Alternative Asset Investing Tool In Existence

The Solo 401(k) (sometimes called the “self-directed 401(k)”) is certainly the most potent retirement account available today. With very high contribution limits, greater asset flexibility than self-directed IRA’s and far greater resiliency against “prohibited transactions“, the Solo 401(k) is in many ways an ideal financial tool. But there are some very critical “make or break” distinctions, and I’ll expose them to you right now…

The Solo 401(k) is an extraordinary tool that enables many small business owners to save and invest for retirement in an extraordinarily simple, flexible and tax-efficient way.

The 401(k) – the type without “Solo” in front of it – has for decades been a staple among benefits provided by employers to their employees because of the convenience offered to employees and the tremendous legal protections offered to 401(k) savings.

But 401(k) plans are both expensive and complex to establish… and in effect, small business owners were being locked out…

…The Solo 401(k) changed that, providing a simplified version of the 401(k) plan to owners of qualified small businesses.

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